Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Beating The Bus!

Because I haven't lived here for that long and Adam and I haven't really had much of a chance to walk around Barmston and find bus stops I've been relying on Adam to help me get around and buy things etc. so, yesterday when Bethany and I wanted to go visit Emily in Sunderland we had no choice but to figure out where we were going on the bus. With the help of Google and Google maps we eventually figured it out and had to get a bus from a bus stop called 'Barmston A1231 slip road' - slip road? We had to get a bus, from a slip road.... how random. The most random thing about it was that when Bethany put into Google maps "Barmston A1231 slip road" it actually came up with both the bus stops we were looking for.

We got on the bus in the right place and we even managed to get off in the right place and find our own way around Sunderland without getting lost! How awesome! It's like 1-0 to Grace.

I hear you ask why Bethany is here, since as we all know she's supposed to be at university in Preston... well, last week she saw the sun and decided she was bored of Preston and sitting around not doing anything by herself so she decided to come on a train to Sunderland/Newcastle just for the fun of it - to enjoy the beach at Sunderland. She was supposed to come as a surprise but she gave herself away too much on the phone to Emily; it's still nice to have her here though.

We received the wedding pictures from Ruth Mitchell and we liked the majority of them so I'm really glad we picked her as our photographer. We received all the photographs on CD and are currently just waiting to have some money to get them printed; we're also trying to decide which one we should have on a large canvas and placed on one of our walls.

The house we live in is beautiful, we still have lots that we need to get done with regards to painting and carpets for all other non-essential rooms; not to mention doors on door frames (!) but, we'll get there eventually. Right now we're doing what we can with what we have and slowly making a house into a home complete with freshly baked cake and cookie smell!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

So Here We Are

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

I am SO glad you found me again! Well... let me tell you. The last two to three weeks have been CRAZY!! I wish I could have stayed in my old blogspot but it wouldn't change the name of the blog.

A few names did go around for the name of my blog but for some reason keeping the 'Bradfordian' in my blog seemed a little old... because I'm not in Bradford anymore! I'm in Newcastle! Or rather, I'm in Barmston. So I thought from B to B would sound great for the blog - and my last name begins with a B so it all fits! (YAY!)

But, carry on we must!

So, a little update. I got married in the middle of this month - two weeks ago yesterday in fact to the Awesome Adam. Since then we've been to Blackpool for our Honeymoon; come to my new home; unpacked a lot of my things; baked biscuits; had visits from my sisters and applied for Job Seekers Allowance (booo...). Things have been rather busy but all in all extremely FUN!

This blog will be jam-packed full of awesome-crazy-wonderful-funny-bouncy-jubilicious things and I hope you stay around to see them all.

Keep you posted!