Sunday, 27 May 2012

So Here We Are

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

I am SO glad you found me again! Well... let me tell you. The last two to three weeks have been CRAZY!! I wish I could have stayed in my old blogspot but it wouldn't change the name of the blog.

A few names did go around for the name of my blog but for some reason keeping the 'Bradfordian' in my blog seemed a little old... because I'm not in Bradford anymore! I'm in Newcastle! Or rather, I'm in Barmston. So I thought from B to B would sound great for the blog - and my last name begins with a B so it all fits! (YAY!)

But, carry on we must!

So, a little update. I got married in the middle of this month - two weeks ago yesterday in fact to the Awesome Adam. Since then we've been to Blackpool for our Honeymoon; come to my new home; unpacked a lot of my things; baked biscuits; had visits from my sisters and applied for Job Seekers Allowance (booo...). Things have been rather busy but all in all extremely FUN!

This blog will be jam-packed full of awesome-crazy-wonderful-funny-bouncy-jubilicious things and I hope you stay around to see them all.

Keep you posted!

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